Gas fitting in Albany Gas fitting is one of those things you should never attempt doing on your own as a home owner. Everything about gas fitting is literary a matter of life and death. If you notice a gas leak, that's an emergency and you should contact your gas fitter right away because the consequences of not doing so can be catastrophic. Here is everything you need to know about gas fitting.
Who is a gas fitter?
A gas fitter is an individual who installs, maintains, and repairs gas fixtures and appliances, and accesories in commercial, residencial, and industrial areas.
Gas accessories include valves, pipes, burners, regulators, and gas meters.
Role of a gas fitter
  • He or she evaluates and inspects any location or building that will need gas fitting services.
  • He or she reads and interprets plans, drawings and specifications.
  • He or she measures and marks points where gas equipment will be located and installed.
  • Tests pipes and other accessories used for gas appliances.
  • Installs appliances which use gas and other related equipment.
  • Installs gas pipes and accessories.
  • Installs gas pressure regulation and detection systems.
  • Installs flues for gas appliances.
  • Maintains gas appliances as required.
  • Gives the customer information concerning how to correctly use and maintain the gas appliances in their homes or business.
  • Maintains pipes and other related equipment which are vital for the safe operation of the items and appliances that use gas.
How to select a gas fitter?
It is very important that you chose someone or company that is licensed.
A gas fitters service includes providing an emergency service which has to be available 24/7 in case an emergency occurs. For example a leakage or split pipe.
It's also very important that you do not go for a cheap service that is of low-quality. Gas is such a volatile thing that it should not be bargained with. When wrongly done gas fitting can cause immense damage and in some extreme cases loss of life.