In Christchurch SEO, we achieve the ranking and traffics you wanted for so long. What are some of the facts that can affect the ranking of your website? There are two ways that may lead in your SEO ranking, it can be a high rank or a low rank. So depends on you on what will you do on your website either it can benefit you or down you. So what are the ways that you should avoid first in order to have a success on your goal? Since many activities some of the websites are doing today, make sure that if you will do this, it will not affect the page’s loading speed.

Most of the people gets easily annoy when they see that websites are loading, even if it is just a minute or so, most of the people saves their time and loading websites are a waste of time. So it affects your SEO ranking. So what must you do then? First reduce the pages that is mostly viewed and increase your bounce rate all of this could affect your SEO ranking. When you think that it is the best for your work then go for it and grab every opportunity!